Johnny Rockets Hershey’s Chocolate Malt Review

I’ve just realized that this is the third chocolate related review in a row… and I swear that it’s just a coincidence!!

But anyways, this week, I’m going to review the Hershey’s Chocolate Malt from Johnny Rockets. Johnny Rocket’s is known for having delicious malts and milkshakes so I was excited.

The Chocolate Malt (Top View)

Chocolate Malt again... from the side (lol get it?)

So what’s the difference between a malt and a milkshake anyway? Well the only difference is that malted milk (Kind of like the filling in a Whoppers Candy) is added in a malt along with regular milk. I’ve never had a malt before this, but I’ve heard that malt is supposed to have a stronger flavor and that it tastes better. Well let’s have a look!

Presentation: Looks like a regular old malt/milkshake. It looks pretty visually appealing with the whipped cream, but it’d look better if there was a cherry on the top!

Taste: Disappointing! I was hoping for my chocolate malt to taste way different and better than a milkshake… but I could taste no difference! And also, it wasn’t  very chocolatety, like it’s supposed to according to their menu >:(. Like a 4 out of 10 on the chocolate intensity scale. And… it was sort of melted when I got it! Maybe I just got unlucky. Other than that, it was solidly average

Price: Ehh… For a solidly average malt-that-tasted-like-milkshake, the price was okay. Could be cheaper like anything these days. I think it was like 4 to 5 dollars.

Originality:  Honestly, it looks like one of those clipart malt/milkshakes that you can picture in your mind:

See the similarity??

Not saying that it’s a bad thing or anything…

Overall: Appearance was okay, taste was slightly worse than average and price was ehh, so overall it was overall not that good, unfortunately. I’ve definitely had better.

Buy Again?: Probably not, but I might try a different flavor! I’ll give Johnny Rockets a second chance.


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