Betty Crocker Super Moist Yellow Cake Mix and Vanilla Whipped Cream Frosting Review

Yes, it’s for another homemade cake review… but this time, the cake is made from a box instead of from scratch.

Here is a picture!! 


We used the Betty Crocker Super Moist Yellow Cake Mix that you can purchase at any super market.Image

The cake was made for my mom’s birthday. I personally like the strawberry cake flavor the best, but since it was her birthday,she got to pick, of course.

For the frosting, we made our own whipping cream frosting by using a very simple recipe similar to the recipe on this link:

And, here’s a special idea for our cake that you can add to yours. Before you combine the cakes from the 2 cake pans, frost the middle and add some sliced strawberries. So, when you put the cakes together, there will be a layer of frosting and strawberries in the middle. Yum. As an embellishment, added a strawberry on top. Lookin’ good.

Alright… it’s time for the review. I will be reviewing both the cake mix and the whipping cream frosting.


Taste: It was pretty amazing. The cake had a perfect sweet flavor to it, but it wasn’t overly bouncing-off-the-wall sweet. It had a nice yellow color to it (hence the name) that complemented our white frosting. The cake cooked nice and moist. I personally think that there is nothing worse than a dry cake… just blegh! 

Price: Between 2-5 dollars

Calories: 160 mix, 240 prepared (There are 12 servings per container)

Recommend: Yes!! Cherry Chip, Strawberry, Rainbow Chip, and Chocolate Fudge are some other flavors you should try!



Taste: Very tasty!!! I love the fluffiness and the lightness. We didn’t add that much sugar to it because my mom does not like things too sweet. It still tasted really good though, but I recommend adding the suggested amount of sugar or else it’ll be too plain… even with the strawberries.The whipped cream was also really easy to spread.

Recommend: Oh yeah!!


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