Johnny Rockets Hershey’s Chocolate Malt Review

I’ve just realized that this is the third chocolate related review in a row… and I swear that it’s just a coincidence!!

But anyways, this week, I’m going to review the Hershey’s Chocolate Malt from Johnny Rockets. Johnny Rocket’s is known for having delicious malts and milkshakes so I was excited.

The Chocolate Malt (Top View)

Chocolate Malt again... from the side (lol get it?)

So what’s the difference between a malt and a milkshake anyway? Well the only difference is that malted milk (Kind of like the filling in a Whoppers Candy) is added in a malt along with regular milk. I’ve never had a malt before this, but I’ve heard that malt is supposed to have a stronger flavor and that it tastes better. Well let’s have a look!

Presentation: Looks like a regular old malt/milkshake. It looks pretty visually appealing with the whipped cream, but it’d look better if there was a cherry on the top!

Taste: Disappointing! I was hoping for my chocolate malt to taste way different and better than a milkshake… but I could taste no difference! And also, it wasn’t  very chocolatety, like it’s supposed to according to their menu >:(. Like a 4 out of 10 on the chocolate intensity scale. And… it was sort of melted when I got it! Maybe I just got unlucky. Other than that, it was solidly average

Price: Ehh… For a solidly average malt-that-tasted-like-milkshake, the price was okay. Could be cheaper like anything these days. I think it was like 4 to 5 dollars.

Originality:  Honestly, it looks like one of those clipart malt/milkshakes that you can picture in your mind:

See the similarity??

Not saying that it’s a bad thing or anything…

Overall: Appearance was okay, taste was slightly worse than average and price was ehh, so overall it was overall not that good, unfortunately. I’ve definitely had better.

Buy Again?: Probably not, but I might try a different flavor! I’ll give Johnny Rockets a second chance.


Chocolate Cauldron (Chocolate Marmites)

While traveling in Geneva, my dad bought a small little cauldron (a.k.a chocolate marmites)  filled with little candies. Yes, it’s random, but there is a very interesting history behind this quirky little cauldron.

The Chocolate Cauldron

(Ignore the white circle on the table, sorry.)

Here’s a little history lesson on this edible cauldron:

During the night November 12, 1602, the Savoyards, led by the duke of Savoy,  charged into Geneva for a surprise attack. According to a German legend, a lady by the name of  Mere Royaume (which means”Mother Kingdom” in French) poured a cauldron of  boiling vegetable soup out of her window on the head of a Savoyard soldier, which scalded the soldier to death. This event woke up many of the Genevan citizens, calling them to battle. The Savoyards, were driven out, and the Genevans celebrated. 


In honor of Mere Royaume, the Genevans sip vegetable soup and eat chocolate cauldrons at a big festival that takes place every year. But the sad part is that you have to smash it before you eat it. That’s right!

The tradition of the cauldron is to:

1. Yell: “Death to the people who threaten the republic!”

2. Smash the pot with your hand… or a hammer I guess…

3. Eat and enjoy! There are small treats in the cauldron like more chocolate and marzipan. (Here’s a link to marzipan if you don’t know what it is:

Smashed Cauldron

Awww... so sad 😦

I think y’all are ready for a review.

Well here we go:

Taste: Too my disappointment, it tasted just like regular chocolate. Pretty good though, like any Hershey’s bar.

Appearance: Very fancy! I didn’t want to ruin it by eating it, but I had to.

Price: Expensive! I think you can only buy them online or in Germany. I’m not sure how much it costs, but I’d guess around 30 US dollars for the size we bought. (On second thought, probably more than 30 dollars…)

Uniqueness: Probably the most unique treat I’ve ever seen! You don’t see a chocolate cauldron a lot these days.

Buy/Try again?: Maybe. It’s very expensive and hard to get, and the chocolate was just average. But it’s very fun to smash the cauldron!

German Chocolate Review (Kinder Riegel)

For my first post, I have decided to review something a little exotic. My dad bought  chocolate bar  from Switzerland (it’s actually a German candy), and I heard from my dad that “Kinder Riegel”, the sweet I’m reviewing here is very common in Europe. In case you’re wondering, the name of this candy comes from the name of it’s creator (Hans Riegel) and the word for children in German (Kinder!!).

Here’s a picture of the wrapper:

The Wrapper

My description of this chocolate would be “little chocolate pockets with a milky cream filling”. I make it sound so good don’t I ?

Now is time to taste the chocolate…. The chocolate at first seems like your regular milk chocolate. Soon though, you’ll taste the rich creamy filling. It tastes a lot softer and richer than a regular Hershey’s bar, and it feels like the cream is going to melt in your mouth.

Okay, here’s the sum up:

Presentation: Although you probably wouldn’t know that this was chocolate based on the wrapper, the chocolate itself looks pretty good, but not fancy.

Taste: Very delicious. I love the creamy milk filling. It goes perfectly with chocolate, and it kind of blends in.

Price: The price for a box of 10 on Amazon is $9.49. That means one bar is a little less than a dollar each, which is a little pricey. Here’s a link to the Kinder Riegel chocolate on Amazon:

Overall: Definitely a good chocolate. An interesting twist on your standard American chocolate bar.

Buy Again: Yes! Definitely!