Chocolate Pastry With Citrus-Flavored Filling

Ready for yet another delectable treat review?

This delicious treat was purchased today at the Half Moon Bay Moonside Bakery.

The size of the pastry was about 3 inches tall, 2 inches wide, and 4 inches across. The top of the pastry is covered with soft, milky chocolate. The pastry itself has a cake-like taste, and the filling has an unexpected light and creamy citrus taste. It has a very fluffy texture, similar to the Yoplait Whips yogurt texture.Who would’ve ever thought that citrus flavoring could ever go with chocolate!

Review time!

Presentation: Great! From just looking at it, my mouth is watering. The filling looks very creamy and the chocolate cover looks absolutely delicious. The little chocolate roll on the top makes the pastry even more yummy!

Taste: Very very enjoyable.The chocolate covering was melty and delicious and went perfectly with the citrus-flavored filling. The citrus-filling itself was great. Creamy, fluffy, light, yet flavorful at the same time. I enjoyed licking the leftover filling from the wax sheet that came with the pastry. And, the pastry itself helped balance the creamy texture of the chocolate and the filling. Yum!

Price: Expensive!! 5.50 for one.

Overall: A very nice and tasty treat. The presentation was wonderful and ¬†mouthwatering.The taste was very good, and unique because the filling was citrus-flavored instead of the usual milk or chocolate flavored fillings. The price was… quite expensive though which I think was the only downside.

Buy Again?: Definitely, although probably not often because of the price.

Where to buy: Half Moon Bay Moonside Bakery in California. Look it up!