Fenton’s Ice Cream By Guest Contributor Rick Kowalczyk

Guest Contributor:  Rick Kowalczyk, Novice Food Blogger

I was invited by the Executive Director and CEO of Sweet Pages to prepare a summary and review of a very interesting concoction that I was fortunate enough to share with the CEO’s wonderful Mom, Mrs. CEO.

We were out and about and found our way into Fenton’s Creamery where we decided to try one of their well-known treats… The Fenton’s Special!  As described in the menu, and pictured below:   “Renowned for generations as guaranteed to fill even a growing boy! Made in a tall glass with alternating layers of pineapple, strawberry, chocolate fudge and caramel sauces with Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate & Toasted Almond ice cream. Crowned with your choice of sherbet slices, almonds, whipped cream and cherry.”


20 minutes later....

Wow Factor

Even in a restaurant known for impressive ice cream treats, the “Fenton’s Special” turns heads as it makes its way across the restaurant to your table.   “What is THAT?” other patrons say as the overflowing treat impresses with size, color, and variation of flavors that aren’t typically served together.  Sure there are other impressive desserts that make you question and re-question your order, but the “Fenton’s Special” is truly unique.   You can’t help but  be impressed as the server sets the overflowing treat in front of you.  That special moment of anticipation before the first bite is a great one.  You’ll think to yourself… ‘This is going to be good’ and then challenge… ‘This better be good.”

Visual Appeal

As the photos illustrate, the “Fenton’s Special” gets high marks for visual appeal.  Sherbet, ice cream, toppings, and whipped cream all on the same concoction… who does that?  Bottom line, it looks good, more than good.  If it didn’t look so tasty you might want to stare at it for a while and just enjoy the view.  The bright colored sherbet catches your eye, but it also makes you wonder if all the flavors will blend well together.


When it comes down to flavor, there is a lot to like, but personal taste is also a factor here.  Personally, I am not typically a big fan of mixing fruitier flavors with warm caramel, chocolate, and sweet ice creams. I often find that kind of mix to be unbalanced.  However, the Fenton’s Special is an exception to my normal inclination on mixing these flavors.  Working my way from the top cherry and whipped cream, through the sherbet slabs, and into the toppings and ice cream until the sound of my spoon in the bottom of the glass tells me I’m done is an excursion to a wild place called Flavor Town.  The mix of traditional treats is anything but traditional, making for an enjoyable flavor adventure that is not your typical ice cream shop fare.  I’m sure everything at Fenton’s is good, but the Fenton’s Special is both good and different.  The unique blend of flavors is very enjoyable, work fairly well together, and make for an interesting and fulfilling ice cream experience.


If memory serves me correct, the Fenton’s Special checks in at about $10, making it a premium priced treat.  However, it is also so substantial that it can more than readily support the spoons and sampling of two people, making it a really terrific option for a date.  Imagine sitting next to your sweety, chatting, and using long spoons to slowly and meticulously work through the adventure that is the Fenton’s Special together.  That will make for a great experience and a special time together.  In fact, that is exactly what I did and can attest that in spite of the very cold dessert, everything else was very warm indeed.  Great experience, and I would do it again in a flash.  Most likely, however, on our next trip to Fenton’s, we will repeat the sharing experience, but will likely test other selections on the dessert menu as well.

The final verdict on the Fenton’s Special is YES.  Do it.  Share it.  Enjoy it.   And take pictures.  It will make for a great experience that will leave you more than satisfied.

 BONUS!!!!: MEET “MRS. CEO” (AKA the Mom)

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