Sheng Kee Honey Cake

When I went to buy my cake from the Sheng Kee Bakery yesterday for a New Year’s celebration, I saw these little cakes there sitting next to the cash register. It didn’t look like anything special, but for some reason I felt like trying it, so I ended up persuading my parents to buy it. Here’s what it looks like (Sorry, the wrapper was already taken off):

I cut a small slice off for myself:

My slice of cake

I couldn’t wait to try the cake. The yellow part of the cake ¬†was very soft and spongy, and the dark brown crust part was sweeter and had a strong taste of honey. If I had a bit of whipped cream and strawberries to go with it, then it would be quite good!

So… let’s get to the review part!!

Presentation: Very plain. It looks pretty good though, but I think that the Sheng Kee bakery should have added a few embellishments to the cake. (Like maybe a few pieces of fruit and frosting, yah know?)

Taste: Pretty good, although it was kind of plain. I really liked the texture of the cake because it was very soft and chewy. It could have been a little sweeter, but that’s just my opinion.

Price: 1.75 or something like that. Not bad for that size of cake… cheaper than Starbucks!

Overall: A decent cake and a nice treat to have sometime, especially for breakfast or for tea. A little plain looking though. A perfect desert for honey lovers.

Buy Again?: Probably, but I’d try adding a few strawberries to go with it, because otherwise it would be a little too plain.

Where to buy: Sheng Kee Bakeries