Start of summer means… Snickers ice cream! (Baskin Robbins)

What time is it? Summer time! My school year ended 2 days ago, which means that I will have more time to post reviews. (Yay!) 


Snickers Ice Cream

Treating yourself with a cold treat as a way to begin our hottest season is a perfect idea. So on the last day of school, I bought an ice cream cone from Baskin Robbins in the flavor “Made with Snickers”which I had on a sugar cone. The chocolate covered sugar cones were tempting though. “Made with Snickers” is a vanilla ice cream with chunks of chocolate, peanuts, and swirls of caramel. Sounds tasty? You’ll find out soon.

If you are a fan of peanut butter or just plain peanuts in general, you will love this ice cream. I personally do not like peanuts at all (I cough when I eat them. Allergic reaction?), which was just a minor problem because peanut flavors  tastes better IN ice cream. Also, I didn’t think it particularly tasted like Snickers. Maybe some more chocolate flavoring would have made the ice cream have a more Snicker-y taste? One ice cream that does taste like snickers though is the Snickers Ice Cream Bar.


But that’s another story. 

Other than my minor complaints, everything else was good. It was a decent quality ice cream typical of the Baskin Robbins brand. It was packed with buttery, delicious ice cream and gooey caramel. Mmmmm.

In case your wondering, this ice cream flavor tastes very similar to the popular BR flavor “Gold Ribbon” which also has chocolate and caramel

So, will I ever buy this flavor again? Maybe, but I’ll probably try another flavor like Strawberry Lemonade Punch. This ice cream is worth a try though, especially for all the peanut and Snickers Fans!